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"Who is Melquisedec to the World?"

Poem "For the Beloved of Melquisedec"
by Ana (North Carolina, USA)

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Jimmy Hernandez (Toronto, Canada)

The Man Christ Jesus

Dr. Jose Luis De Jesus Miranda 

God always speaks through a man. His coming is not mystical it is with a purpose. Jesus of Nazareth came to take away the law, destroy the devil, and take away sin to establish a new covenant.

In the same manner, the second coming would take place with a purpose, not with mysticism. What is the purpose? To clarify what was hidden in darkness. -- To judge the secrets of men. -- To come without reference to sin. To confirm the church with the gospel given to the Apostle Paul.

Who showed you that you were not a sinner? Who showed you that the devil was destroyed and that you are saved forever? That in the number 666 there is wisdom? That you have to leave Jesus of Nazareth behind in order to see the Other?

“I declare that you come boldly to the throne of grace, without fear, and without guilt to hear the true science so that you find grace to help in time of need.

 I receive, blessed child that you surrender to this form of teaching; that your eyes are enlightened, and that you enter into the glorious liberty of the children of God. Confess with me: It’s enough;

I cannot continue living in this lie, in this other doctrine that has deceived me. They have lied to me, and they have enslaved me. I receive that Christ is formed in me.

I receive peace in my life, and for my family. I receive that I am healthy, prosperous, and with angels at my service.

I receive that I am living the best days of time, without sin, without the devil, reconciled with God.

I receive that I am walking in the spirit and in the true gospel. Come to this grace; I await for you.”

The Man Christ Jesus